Welcome to ValimorĀ®, where the art of watchmaking intertwines with wholly original designs imbued with a Gothic aesthetic. Our founder, Raymond Jones, brings over two decades of experience in the international watchmaking industry to his designs. Inspired by his profound appreciation and passion for medieval art and themes, we draw inspiration from the captivating world of medieval artifacts, architecture, weapons, literature, stories, films, and exhibitions to create 100% original and intriguing timepieces.

The name ValimorĀ® combines ā€œValiantā€ and ā€œArmorā€, embodying our commitment to courage, daring originality, and breaking free from the mundane. Our brand characterises extraordinary individuality and the pursuit of ultimate style. Through meticulous selection of materials, exquisite original designs, each VALIMOR mechanical watch is able to exude subtlety, appreciation for detail, and a unique personality in various fashion scenarios.

Originating from Hong Kong, our designer has led ValimorĀ® to be granted trademark and design patents in the United Kingdom (#90047422940001) and all 27 member countries of the European Union (EUIPO design patents #004742294-0001 / #008778161-0001). These recognitions mark significant milestones in our international journey and affirm our commitment to original designs and craftsmanship.

In July 2018, we launched a remarkable Kickstarter campaign that exceeded our funding target and ignited our ambition to push boundaries. We were honoured to receive the endorsement from former UFC Champion Dustin Poirier, who served as ambassador for our Caliburnus timepiece.

In September 2023, our efforts received further recognition as we were honored with the Gold Winner title at the Muse Design Awards in the United States, hosted by the esteemed International Awards Associate (IAA).

ValimorĀ® is recognised on the Italian Mondani website as a “Trusted Independent Watch Brand of Mondani Web”, Mondani renowned for her expertise on luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Tudor, and Patek Philippe.

At ValimorĀ®, we merge the skills and strengths of different countries to offer superior quality and performance at competitive prices. We source our mechanical movements from Japan and Switzerland, famous for their precision and reliability. The luminous materials we use are from Switzerland, ensuring excellent legibility in all conditions, and our Austrian Swarovski crystals add a touch of luxury. Watch cases, dials, and other components are meticulously crafted in Hong Kong, renowned for superior manufacturing techniques and skilled craftsmanship. We use NBR rubber, known for its durability and comfort, sourced from Japan. Our watches are assembled, packaged, and printed in Taiwan, adhering to strict quality standards to ensure the flawless presentation of each product. ValimorĀ® watches are dispatched from our distribution centres in Taiwan or Japan, depending on the source of your purchase and product availability.

We firmly believe that this blend of resources and expertise from different countries sets ValimorĀ® watches apart in terms of design, quality, and reliability. We are committed to offering our customers the best choices, providing a 100% original design style for those who do not follow the mainstream, adding creative details, and offering alternative new choices for global watch enthusiasts or collectors.