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The breath-taking new addition to Valimor’s impressive repertoire, and one that is just as captivating as you’d expect. Inspired by the iconic legend of King Arthur, its impressive 60-hour power reservehigh-precision and automatic movement are obvious draws, and they’re all packaged in one of the most beautiful, design-patentedhand-tooled timepieces you’ll have ever seen, making it a unique and precise jewelry timepiece for watch lovers and collectors.

Valimor is a brand that prides itself on its originality, and never has it been more evident that in this thrilling new launch. Featuring a unique design with signature dragon scale engravingsoriginal numerals and Valimour’s instantly recognisable sword hands.

The finished timepiece is truly spectacular, offering exceptional durability and performance with the signature aesthetic Valimor has become known for.

“Kilgharrah has been selected as one of the “Ultimate Dive Watch 2022” by the British publisher, Oracle Time.”

“Kilgharrah is one of the most beautiful, design-patented, hand-tooled watches you’ll have ever seen.”

“Kilgharrah has been selected as one of the “The 4 Most Stylish Dive Watches Of 2022 Costing Under £1000” by the British publisher, Men Style Fashion”

“Trusted indipendent watch brand of Mondani Web”
The New York Times: Ms. Mondani, native of Genoa, Italy, knows more about watches, especially Rolexes, than almost anyone in the industry — except, perhaps, her father, the well-known expert Guido Mondani.








Each watch model from Kilgharrah is carefully regulated and assembled by hand and is limited edition to 50 pieces – you will be sure you own a timepiece that is rare and unique, something you can truly own.


Recognizable dragon scale case inspired by Arthurian legend

The watch case and crown is inspired by a gem-set sword hilt. While the bezel simplifies the dragon body of Kilgharrah in geometric design. The design also makes it more ergonomic to adjust both the time and bezel. The design has successfully obtained the design patent in January 2022 (EUIPO Design Patent #008778161-0001).

The precision movement is protected by the hardwearing 316L stainless case and scratch resistant domed sapphire crystal with 3 layers of AR coating. It is rated at 10 ATM water resistance, making it water resistant down to 100 meters / 330 feet below the surface. This makes it the perfect durable everyday watch for most purposes. 

New 60-hour Automatic Movement

The Kilgharrah watch collection features the latest high performing Japanese Miyota Cal.8315 automatic movement. This movement delivers an impressive 60 hour power reserve and superior precision than just about any mechanical movement in its price range. The patented anti-oxidation blue screws, makes it the most durable, practical and convenient timepiece we have designed to date. The display back offers a full view of the beating heart of this dragon of a watch.

Unique Dial Options

Our designers have completely redesigned the typeface of the numerals inspired by medieval typography. The typeface of the Arthurian period was characterised by an upright appearance, sharp, straight and angular lines.

Each dial is carefully inlaid and polished to achieve the 3D indexes and numerals. Next, it is painted with Swiss Super-LumiNova® coating to achieve the eye-catching luster. Finally, two reflector rings are added to the periphery of the dial to reduce the visual size of the opening. This gives the timepiece a better proportioned dial and subtle upgrade in terms of aesthetics.

Combined with the luminous watch hands, these design features create a magical atmosphere during both night and day. The dark dial features subtle dragon scale engravings adding depth and dimension to the design.

Sword-Shaped Hands

In addition to using DIAMOND-CUT technology to cut the outline of the hands with ultimate precision, the hands feature a complex semi-polishing techniques that is usually reserved for high-end watches. Using this technique the hands are polished on one side and brushed on the other for a unique, yet subtle and understated, aesthetic. This design does not just serve to provide a high-end look, it keeps the contrast of the hands against the dial throughout different reflection and lighting conditions, to improve legibility and make it easier to read time.

316L Stainless Steel Bracelet:

 The integrated steel bracelet is developed and designed collaboration with 200 KICKSTARTER backers in july 2018. The bracelet is the result of countless prototypes and improvements. It is interchangeable with all previous collections — including the vegan leather straps, genuine leather straps, dragon-scaled stainless-steel bracelets and NBR rubber straps of both Caliburnus series. This interchangeability lets you put your own style on the design to get more from your watch collection.

NBR Rubber Strap

Kilgharrah comes with a custom strap designed to integrate with the overall aesthetic. The strap continuous the inspiration of The Sword in the Stone. It is designed in collaboration with the graphic designer, Arkadiy Welesov, who specializes in Celtic & Viking tattoo patterns and illustration.

The Japanese NBR rubber has superior strength and greater resistant to skin oils and acids than natural rubber. The Materials have met the RoHS requirements and rarely causes severe allergic reaction. The strap is adorned with our signature stainless-steel buckle inspired by the hilt of a sword; it also includes one pair of Integrated quick release spring bars for easy (but secure) installation.

Swiss Super-LumiNova®

Taking into account the activities of the night, we use Swiss SuperLumiNova® to secure perfect legibility in the dark. The pigments are non-radioactive and environmental friendly. SuperLumiNova® is the preferred luminous pigment of Swiss watch industry and is renowned for keeping its luminescence well as time passes, to serve you for many years to come.

Domed Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire crystal contains a crystalline structure which makes it highly scratch-resistant. After the moissanite and the diamond, it is the third-hardest transparent material on the planet. It is made out of a pure synthetic sapphire (monocrystalline) which is produced from melted aluminium oxide (Al2O3). The production creates huge crystals which are cultivated by the means of electrolysis. Subsequently, the crystals are divided into slices and the shape of the watch glass is later time-consumingly cut out of these slices.



Diameter: 40 mm

Thickness: 13mm (Without Crystal)

Lug: 22 mm


316L Stainless Steel

60 Click Unidirectional 


EUIPO Design Patent (#008778161-0001)




Engraved And Lume Filled


Domed Sapphire Crystal With 3 AR Coating


10 ATM / 100 M






Japan-Made Miyota 8315 Automatic

Anti-Oxidation Blue Screws

Hacking Seconds

21 Rubies

21 600 A/h


60 hours


Hours, minutes, seconds, date


Date at 3 o’clock


Daily Rate +/- 10 seconds per day

Maximum Rate -20~+40 seconds per day

Adjustments and checks made before and after assembly by our watchmakers


Dragon Scale Engravings
Triple-Layer Structure
Gradient Colour Effect


Lumed 3-D Hour Indices And Numerals
Applied Ball Indices


Pattern Engravings


Iconic sword shaped hands, hour hands in semi-polishing

Diamond-Cut Hands 

Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9


The Japanese NBR rubber has superior strength and greater resistant to skin oils and acids than natural rubber. 
Integrated quick release spring bars
Width: 22 mm


Genuine Italian Leather
Integrated quick release spring bars
Width: 22 mm


Integrated quick release spring bars
316L Stainless Steel
Solid Links Structure
Doublebutton Butterfly Clasp
Width: 22 mm


Raymond Jones 
Design patents in United Kingdom (#90047422940001)
Design patents in all 27-member states of the European Union (#004742294-0001 / #008778161-0001)
Hong Kong


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