“Valimor is an up and coming brand founded in 2018 who have a very unique approach to watch design, their main influences are the great artworks and dramatic tales of the Medieval period. Their passion for historic aesthetics can be seen in the brand name, an amalgamation of the words Valiant and Armour. “

“The new Valimor Caliburnus II is a beautiful work of functional art. With its medieval design, patented in 27 states within the European Union, and innovative modern appointments, it is a stunning tool worthy of addition to any modern warrior’s collection.”

“The Caliburnus II watches are what i consider to be excellent value for money, particularly when you factor in that every watch is unique. If you’re after something eye-catching for your wrist that looks like it costs considerably more than its actual price tag, the Caliburnus II range is definitely one to consider.”

“I have seen some other watches be offered in limited runs with stone dials of these nature at this price, but none have had quite this level of detail and adherence to a theme.”

“All components are bought together by a talented team of designers and engineers with watch-making expertise, combining ancient elements with modern technology.”

“The patented design features a rich texture that is one of a kind for pattern, texture, color, and personality. “

“Have you ever seen such a choice beautiful polished real stone dials? I haven’t. So this is one more reason to have a closer look on this brand.”

“Mondani Trusted Dealers: VALIMOR is one of the most reliable watch seller from all over the world. Buy your watch safely from them.”

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“VALIMOR has delivered a watch that offers stunning attention to detail. Mixing contemporary clock design methods with classic style and substance, the Caliburnus is both a technological wonder and an affectionate nod to watches of yesteryear.”

“The components are at the height of any quality timepiece, featuring a fine watch.”

“Grand gift ideas for a holiday shopping head start”

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