1. All VALIMOR® watches are accompanied by a comprehensive limited warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects for a period of two years from the original date of purchase, whether bought from our official website www.valimor.com or an authorised dealer.

2. Any necessary movement consumables or watch parts for maintenance will incur charges at the prevailing exchange rate at the time of the inquiry.

3. It’s crucial to mention that repair costs will apply in the following situations, even within the warranty period: a. Issues resulting from routine wear and tear, such as the degradation of lubricant in the movement, replacement of watch components, or battery replacement. b. Damage or malfunction caused by incorrect use, unauthorised repair, or modifications. c. Damage or failure resulting from unexpected events like floods, fires, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. d. Changes in appearance due to regular use, including scratches, discolouration, or accumulated dirt.

4. In situations where original parts, such as cases, dials, hands, or other components, are unavailable, appropriate alternatives may be used for repair purposes.

5. Proof of purchase is obligatory for all warranty claims and service requests, hence it is essential to keep your authenticity serial number card.

6. Please note that our warranty or exchange service does not cover any taxes or shipping costs incurred during the sending or receiving process. These expenses are the responsibility of the customer to bear. If the watch has been disassembled or repaired by a non-authorised service provider or a third party, this may affect the quality of the repair and could result in the denial of warranty service or the need for additional cost estimates for the relevant parts.

Warranty Progress and service form

  1. Kindly complete and submit the online Warranty Service form for prompt assistance.

  2. Our team will respond within 1 to 5 working days and provide you with a detailed repair quotation.

  3. Once you receive the repair quotation, please send your watch to the address of our Taiwan repair center provided for warranty service.

  4. Repairs and inspections will commence upon confirmation of payment. The entire process is estimated to take approximately four to six weeks.

  5. Upon completion of the repair and inspection, your watch will be promptly returned to the designated receiving address. A parcel tracking number will be provided for you to monitor the delivery status at any time.

We strive to ensure a smooth and efficient warranty service experience for our valued customers.

    Important Note: Complete all fields on the Warranty Service Form for successful submission.

    Please ensure that all information and selections on the warranty service form are thoroughly filled in before submitting your application. Incomplete forms may result in processing delays. We strive to provide efficient and accurate warranty service, and your cooperation in providing comprehensive details is greatly appreciated.